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Inside Didsbury Entry - Posted: Friday, October 1, 2021, 08:50 am
levelsofgovt.pngThere appears to be a lot of confusion among Alberta and Didsbury residents and Council candidates about the roles and responsibilities of Municipally Elected Officials. It is somewhat critical to understand who is responsible and under whose jurisdiction issues fall given the 3 levels of government in Canada. While some would have you believe that certain issues are under the purview of Municipally elected officials, Didsbury Town Council, it is important to understand and recognize the issues that a Town Council is responsible for and those issues under Provincial and/or Federal jurisdiction.

First though, it is likely worth exploring the authority chain and how it is that a Town Council has certain authorities and responsibilities. The Alberta Government gives Town Councils a certain level of authority as defined in the Municipal Government Act (MGA). Similar to a Committee of Council functioning and operating at the pleasure of Council through a by-law, Town Councils function and operate at the pleasure of the Provincial Government through the MGA. The MGA outlines the roles and responsibilities of a Municipal Government and elected officials. The table below lists those roles and responsibilities in a somewhat simplified format.

Water and Wastewater
Recreation Facilities
Fire and EMS
Town/City Hall
Property Tax (Municipal Portion)
RCMP Service
Roads and Streets
Local Planning
Local Development
Building Permits
Provincial Parks
Health Care
Social Services
Support for Employees
Support for Employers
Schools and Education
Post Secondary Education
Property Tax (Provincial Portion)
Natural Resources
Provincial Licensing
Provincial Immigration
Provincial Agriculture
Provincial Water
Employment Insurance
Federal Parks
Income Tax
Federal Immigration
Federal Agriculture
RCMP and Military
Fisheries and Oceans
Foreign Affairs
Child Benefits
Criminal Law
Student Loans
International Travel
Peace and Order
International Trade
Interprovincial Trade
Banking and Currency

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