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Inside Didsbury Entry - Posted: Saturday, October 2, 2021, 04:26 pm
questionmark.pngPatricia Brisebois - Thursday, September 29, 2021 8:10 PM
Hello - In order to best understand where all the potential Town of Didsbury Council candidates stand on some issues, I have decided to send this email to all candidates and eagerly await your response.

1) What are your 3 top goals for Didsbury? In your position, being only 1 of 7 voices, how would you proceed in pursuing these goals?

  • East Water Reservoir and distribution system to provide adequate water supply and fire suppression on the east side of the railway tracks.
  • Procedures and Processes to restore and maintain the Town's sewage lagoons at full capacity.
  • Continuing the Road Rehabilitation Program and adherence to the multi-year capital plan.
  • Impressing upon all members of Council, administration and the public the importance of these items, the first 2 of which are critical.
  • What are your top 3?

2) What is on your top 3 wishlist for Didsbury (e.g Splash Park)?

  • Library expansion.
  • Culture, Heritage and Arts Master Plan
  • Satellite Centre for Film Industry
  • What are your 3?

3) What top 3 industries would you like to see grow and expand in Didsbury? How could council help them do this?
My preference would be the film industry, but as your representative, what three would you like to see grow and expand in Didsbury?

4) How would you balance freezing/reducing property taxes while attempting to develop the community?
Development of the community is not necessarily tied to property tax level. Property Tax reflects the level of service desired by businesses and residents in our community. The higher or greater the level of service expected and demanded by residents and business owners, the higher property tax will be independent of development in the community. Development is creating an environment that makes the Town attractive to a developer and creating relationships with potential developers.

5) How would you encourage growth in the community?
Growth in the community depends on creating a community with amenities that attract interest both residential and commercial. Methodical and planned provision of those amenities is driven by what the Town can afford.

6) How would you go about making the citizens of Didsbury more aware of how town councils work and what their rights as citizens are?
Council meetings, by law, are open to the public, allowing the public to come see, first-hand, how a Council operates. Agendas and minutes are posted on the Town's website to further provide the public with the opportunity to explore how a Council operates. In terms of “citizens' rights”, I need clarification on what you're asking.

7) What is your opinion about social media influencing town council decisions?
Social media should not influence Town Council decisions in any way. By far and away, those posting on social media do not have a complete picture or the information and background that Council has access to. Council is best equipped through experience and administrative research to make these decisions on behalf of the Town.

8) If elected, what 3 steps would you take to put Didsbury on a firmer financial footing?
What makes you think Didsbury's finances are not on a firm footing? The Town operates under a balanced budget, carries a meager amount of debt, and has healthy reserve funds for future protection.

9) If the town received a $1 million grant to use for anything you wanted, what would you do with it and why?
The Town has annually received approximately $1M grants and Council has used that primarily for capital projects. I would have no intention of deviating from that practice.

10) If the town budget could not be balanced, would you attempt to find efficiencies or cut services?
Municipalities are required to operate with a balanced budget. It would be against the law to do otherwise.

What you didn't ask is how I am best equipped to represent you, as a resident of the town. I am involved in the town in a multitude of different ways. You already know I volunteer with the museum and the library, but I also volunteer with the high school, community badminton, Terry Fox Run, the Arts Festival, Days of Yore, Westglen and Ross Ford, home school, Knox United Church, Friends of the Didsbury Library, and sponsor Didsbury Preschool, the Didsbury Band program, Didsbury Ducks Unlimited, Didsbury Lions, Canadian Search and Rescue Association, and helped build the Valarosa playground. I am involved, I know the community, and therefore I can represent the community.

Thank you very much for these questions. I hope my answers have helped you make your decision on voting day, Monday, October 18th.

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